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Created Title ascendingdescending Location Price ascendingdescending Picture
11-Apr-15 New digital church organ - Johannus Rembrandt 350 Calgary, Alberta Canada US$23,000.00
New digital church organ, Johannus Rembrandt model 350 for sale, rarely used. Beautiful black oak console. 65 digital organ stops (illuminated draw stops) x 4 ...
02-Apr-15 Rodgers scaroubough 110 series colfax US$500.00
No Picture
I have this very lovely rodgers organ for sell it plays great and has gave me good service the eflat both great and swell dont work its on the higher end of the keys but im ...
01-Apr-15 Allen Digital Computer Organ, ADC 520 Worcester, MA US$2,000.00
No Picture
Our congregation is changing locations, and we can't take this organ with us. It was originally purchased/installed in 1986 in Chicago; in the early '90's, it was ...
30-Mar-15 Johannus Organ, Opus 5, Perfect condition! Church Organ, Pipe Organ, Speaker Cortland, New York US$5,500.00
No Picture
This Organ is in like-new condition. See pictures at: ...
23-Mar-15 RODGERS 700 COLUMBIAN Atlantic City, NJ US$1,200.00
2 manual, self contained, with reverb and headphone jack. Great condition, fully functioning, and excellent voicing. Willing to negotiate. Purchased for my home - ...
09-Mar-15 Rodgers Newport 830 Organ Macedonia Baptist Church Springfield, MO US$6,000.00
This beautiful organ was purchased new in the early 1990's. It has only been owned by one church. Everything working. Also has antiphonal speakers, as well as an added ...
07-Mar-15 Rodgers Trio Kenmore, WA US$1,500.00
Beautiful Rodgers Trio 321, with internal glockenspiel and entertainment center and both external speaker cabinets, one with a 2-speed Leslie. Almost flawless ...
03-Mar-15 Virtual PIPE ORGAN Aurora, Co US$11,400.00
No Picture
I have a new 3 manual virtual pipe organ with the Mt Carmel Skinner from Hauptwerk installed. There are several other organs installed as well. This is a true Skinner ...
26-Feb-15 RETIRED WORKING BALDWIN C670 Needville, Tx US$1.00
We are willing to give away to another church or religious organization our used Baldwin C670, two manual with AGO pedals organ which had served us faithfully for 35 ...
21-Jan-15 MDS-8 Allen Organ Kensington, CA US$9,000.00
We are sad to be parting with our beautiful Allen organ. It still sounds as beautiful as the day it was purchased. It is a digital organ, Master Design Series 8. MDS-8 ...
15-Nov-14 Music to Praise God - Wanted US$18,000.00
No Picture
Small congregation that loves to sing, worship and praise God needs to replace our organ.

We are looking for an affordable newer instrument. We have ...
14-Nov-14 Practice Organ needed Southern Indiana US$750.00
No Picture
I am looking for a practice organ with AGO pedalboard. Budge will limit me to $750.00 or less. I prefer to avoid a tube organ. It needs to be within reasonable distance of ...
05-Nov-14 Baldwin Electronic Church Organ Memphis, TN US$3,500.00
Model 636C
Excellent for small to mid size church or chapel
This is a Baldwin 636C Classical Organ with full 32 note AGO pedal board and two 61 note ...
05-Nov-14 Gulbransen Rialto K Leslie 101 Vancouver, BC US$1.00
No Picture
I am interested to see this combo be taken by someone wanting to keep organ going for future players and not scrap and just sell off leslie tube amps.

Is ...
23-Oct-14 Yamaha Electon CHX=1 Lapeer, MI US$999.00
No Picture
Yamamha Electon organ, foot pedals and bench included.
02-Oct-14 Hammond 825U for sale Pembroke Ontario US$4,000.00
No Picture
Very good Hammond Organ 825U withy Lesley (rotating Speaker) for sale.

It has been used in our church for a maybe 10 years and is a nice instrument
01-Oct-14 Complete Virtual Pipe Organ (reduced) Dover, DE US$21,995.00
This custom-built console features two VPOs with many more accessible from the slide-out touch screen. The 60 lighted thumb pistons and 10 toe pistons include 5 ...
04-Aug-14 Rhapsody 628 Type 004 Conn Organ Seminole, FL US$200.00
No Picture
Well maintained - In good working order. Suitable for home or small church. With organ bench and pedalboard. Buyer to remove.

Hear same organ on ...
29-Jul-14 Advice on pipe organ, sell or scrap? Sonoma Ca US$1.00
No Picture
My name is Rob. I have a large pipe organ that I obtained approx 15 yrs ago when purchasing a sealed warehouse used for storage.
I know very little ...
26-Jul-14 For Sale: Conn 650 Cathedral City, California US$600.00
No Picture
Good condition, plays well, but not often enough! 2 broken keys on Acc. manual on right end, but don't play that area of keys often. Has pipe speaker switch, but doesn't ...


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